Background (Reuters), March 21st, 2021:

Jordan on Sunday made public a defence agreement with the United States that allows free entry of US forces, aircraft and vehicles onto the kingdom’s territory. Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi told parliament that the defence accord was “the fruit of long negotiations”.

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The spread of meditation across continents and cultures suggests it has always addressed a most intrinsic human need. Zen Buddhist meditation predated the recorded birth of Jesus by 500 years and was present in Asia Minor and Alexandria during His life. In the West, by 20BCE Philo of Alexandria has written on some form of “spiritual exercises” involving “attention” and “concentration,” while by the 3rd century Plotinus had developed meditative techniques.

The Islamic practice of Dhikr had involved the repetition of the 99 names of God in the Qur’an since the 8th or 9th century. By the 12 century the…

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The thesis submits that current modalities of Internet governance are failing because they are predicated on political ideas, economic systems and legal structures which no longer reflect twenty-first century existence. The paper advances this argument in four main ways.

The first is by examining the ideology and cartographic technology of the Westphalian nation-state and the challenge posed to its underlying logic by the spatial and multi-jurisdictional nature of cyberspace.

The thesis concludes by submitting that the future systems of Internet governance will seek legitimacy by providing services to the billions of users of cyberspace, and will be constructed inside the…

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As development on an automated PR system moves to the center of Al Bawaba’s monetization plans, COVID-19 has had a positive impact on moving the dev cycle along quickly. A dedicated CMS dashboard has now been added to the front-end filmed a couple of weeks ago below (the front-end is looking a lot sharper right now).

Can artificial intelligence have character? What’s it like to visualize the brain in VR? How can software be programmed to identify the biomarkers of disease or provide a diagnosis that is often more accurate than a human. How is haptic feedback making physical space more accessible to people of determination?

This week we’re talking with Hailey Yoon, the founder of a Dubai technology practice called IO21.

Between 2017–2018, Hailey served as a Research Assistant at the Nuero Image Research and Analysis Lab at UNC Medical School in the United States. …

During a slightly uncomfortable arrival in COVID-19 lockdown Dubai, I was asked to present a digital monetization strategy. The broad outlines had been discussed for over a year, as I focused on moving away from capacity building Al Bawaba English towards what seemed to be the next iteration for the Al Bawaba platform as a whole— a far more healthy subscriber base, and a premium content offering that one day soon could be monetized.

Because the Al Bawaba business PR-section already had a twenty-year history in the region and an established client database in English and Arabic, it was the…

One reasons for a lack of outside investment in the Middle East tech industry is a lack of reliable data. Over the past decade Venture Capital (VC) has been slowly transforming the SME space, but mapping this process hasn’t always been easy.

We’ll be going into a deep-dive into the kind of investment data that less than a decade ago, simply did not exist.

That’s why this week we’re talking with Philip Bashosy, the founder of MAGniTT, to explore MENA’s increasingly confident venture capital (VC) industry. We’ll be going into a deep-dive into the kind of investment data that less…

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A key theme of the UAE Tech Podcast is the emerging synergy between government services and digital transformation. It’s not something that is often talked about in the regional entrepreneurship circuit, or in local tech blogs and media. That’s funny, because it’s a palpable trend here in the UAE — perhaps, everywhere.

This week we’re talking with Paul Bogan, Chief Digital Officer for Serco Middle East. Serco is a British company that provides public services support to governments around the world.

“… by coming to private industry, by allowing us to take their data and analyze it in new insightful…

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Near horizon advances in AI are changing the speed, chain of command, security relationships and conventions of accountability that govern global security in the Twenty First Century.

A U.S. Air Force general summarized a sense of the change as follows: “The B-52 lived and died on the quality of its sheet metal. Today our aircraft will live or die on the quality of our software.” (Elkelhof, 2018, p. 81)

Machine Speed Warfare

The changing nature of warfare could see a future in which placing human soldiers in harms way is untenable in instances where autonomous unmanned underwater, surface and air vehicles can perform…

ARPANET interface for Xerox PARC’s PDP-10 (Wikimedia)

The Internet began at once within and against government. The 1969 the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET) consisted of a few connected computers located in the basement of university and military buildings (Verhulst et al, 2016, p. 98).

A decade later an important stage in the development of Internet regulation arrived with the creation of the “Internet Configuration Control Board” (ICCB), which was itself initiated by the “Defense Advanced Research Project Agency” (DARPA) of the United States government (Wolfgang Kleinwachter, 2007, p. 44). At this stage Internet research was financed by the US military. …

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