SYNTAX is a design company. We are critical optimists. We create engaging experiences. We start positive transformations. We’re here to connect. Everything.

  • Mahmoud Jalajel

    Mahmoud Jalajel

    Always start a day with a TED talk

  • khaled


    I eat a web designer and a developer; you are what you eat. I specialize in customization of open source CMS software. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla - bilingual.

  • Two Bit Circus VR

    Two Bit Circus VR

    Engineering Entertainment | 360 3D VR cinematic motion fun and more

  • Alexander McNabb

    Alexander McNabb

    I consult in publishing, media and digital communications, mostly in the Middle East. I write thriller novels. I laugh a lot.

  • Salah G. Hamed

    Salah G. Hamed

    Gadget reviewer, YouTuber, Blogger, Technophile, TEDx'er, Google evangelist, Passionate about tech & digital media.

  • Khitam Al-Utaibi

    Khitam Al-Utaibi

    EduStrategist, SocialMedia4Edu, Training4sustainability, tech.generation! #iEARN#Jordan Representative

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